The Muffins - Ralf Peters, Karlo Karlowski, Andreas Ludwig (Swede), Sven Wroblowski  Scrimps - Sven Kröger (Eisenhuhn), Lars Köhne (Keule), Andreas Ludwig (Swede), Uta Reimann (Super-Uti), Axel Walther (Doc Walter)  Herr Ludwig (Andreas Timke, Dennis Kern, Andreas Ludwig)

It began at the age of 2 when I sat on the counter of a bakery in Munich and I didn’t want to stop singing. Singing thitherto unknown words and melodies.
One and a half decade later I founded my first band near Cologne called ‘The Muffins* (Picture left)’.

That was the time when I start playing guitar and other light instruments and writing the first Pop- and Rocksongs.

In the following years I grounded some other bands and even was asked to sing in a lot of different projects.

The most interesting band in this time was ‘Seven Spice Scrimps** (Picture middle)’, which excist almost 10 years.
The today’s active projects are ‘SwedenClub***’ and ‘Herr Ludwig**** (Picture right, former members)’.

*The Muffins 1992-1995
Members: Sven Wroblowski, Andreas Ludwig, Ralph Peters, Guido ‘Karlo’ Karlowski

**Seven Spice Scrimps 1997-2007
Members: Andreas ‘Swede’ Ludwig, Andi ‘d’Andi’ Niemietz, Chrishan Meizel, Axel ‘Doc’ Walther, Didi ‘Costa’ Steinbacher, ‘Lucky’ Lutz Lehmann, Sven ‘Eisenhuhn’ Kröger, Lars ‘Keule’ Köhne, (Super-)Uti Reimann

***Herr Ludwig 2006, since 2010
Members: Andreas ‘Herr Ludwig Jr.’ Timke, Andreas ‘Herr Ludwig Sr.’ Ludwig, Dennis Kern, Marcel Mengeu, Christoph ‘Böttchie’ Böttcher

****SwedenClub since 2007
Members: Uti, Doc Walter, Swede and many more